Aswium = me

I can relate to every single word that this means.



11 thoughts on “ASWIUM

      1. Ah yes, shouldn’t really high 5 this sort of thing at all, this is more a knowing nod of acknowledgement from one person to another, that knowledge that we all know anyway to varying degrees which is there are others out there who feel the same.

      2. There are two kinds of people :
        1. One who are in pain / sad and talk about sadness.
        2. One who are in pain / sad and still try to smile at it and joke about it.
        3. Who are bad at maths and always ask for a High 5.

        Yes , it’s a acknowledgement that two people are sailing the same boat, however the circumstances may vary, but still. But, it’s not like we have to be averse about it.
        By the gesture of high five, I meant that the people who are sailing the same boat are not alone and we all could get out, together.
        Did I make sense ? 🙊

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