a huge tree in Lushan

credit: Xianyi Shen | click for original

There is something amazing about fog. It never ever fails to bring out the adventurer in me. The scenario has always been similar no matter my age. Ill go to bed the night before and there is not even a hint of fog and I wake up in the wee hours of the morning needing the loo or a drink of water, Ill push back the quilt and sit on the side of the bed, I am being quiet as I don’t want to wake anyone up.

I feel my way to the door of my bedroom and open it and step out into the hallway, the hallway has furniture and things I could snag so I am very careful, I can make out very few features as it is so dark and so with my pigeon steps and careful feeling it takes a few minutes to get down to the hallway. There is a small spot lamp underneath one of the shelves and I turn it on, the bulb is dim and a dull orange/yellow lights the kitchen but not brightly; The far end of the room, where the windows are is still in shadow.

I get a glass and take the filtered water from the fridge, pour the clear cold liquid into the glass and the container back in the fridge. I stand in front of the sink looking out at a deserted landscape that is generally filled with shades of brown and yellow accept this time the fog is there. Depending on it’s thickness I can maybe make out the outline of the shops across the road, the street lamps are fuzzy blooms of light suspended like suns in a distant galaxy.

If I were to go outside on the balcony there would be an eerie silence that is relaxing but disconcerting at the same time. If I were to go up the common near me there would be a tree, not as impressive, grand or snake like as this, but still impressive. The fog would entwine itself around the black looking branches and it would seem that the tree is trying to do the same to the fog.

I’ll go back to bed, sometimes it is still there when I wake, sometimes it has gone. But every time, I love the look at feel of fog.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.

I know that the picture shown has little to do with the description I gave accept that it is foggy, accept I have never been in the woods



6 thoughts on “FOG

  1. Beautiful and haunting at the same time. I love fog, mostly because I live in a tropical part of the world and it is sunny year around. But when there is fog, I always feel it’s reaching out to me,trying to wrap me and engulf me in the mystery it holds, in the secret that is so dense.

    1. Hi Sharu, thanks for commenting. When you have fog out where you live, how long does it last? generally ours dissipates within a day, normally less.

  2. I’m definitely a ‘fog fan’. Love the look of the surrounding countryside and the trees in fog. (great picture btw) I’ve tried photographing and drawing trees on foggy days, but it’s hard to capture because there is so much that is not just visual. So much is about mood or that feeling of stillness, isolation, a certain eerie magical quality.

  3. lovely. I love walking through the fog, it’s like the entire world has been muffled and distanced from you, all but the small space immediately around you

    1. that is exactly it. we had some fog the other day but it is relatively rare (ish) where I live. shame. I could do with some fog right now. or a big ol electrical storm.

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