arch_mage_by_liaetwiler-d4toxncBased on the Dragon Herder prompt on bekindrewrite, written in one draft.

Bar’Zag beckoned the two mages to follow him as he ducked under the gnarled branch of a long dead tree indicating that they should also keep silent by placing a long, dirty finger to his lips and emitting a shushing noise that sounded more snake than human.

The mages complied and followed him inside, their shadows dissolving into the pure darkness of the narrow passageway. It was dank and cold; the sound of running water came from deeper within the mountain. The mages mumbled some incoherent words and suddenly bright orbs of blue/white light appeared at the end of their staffs. The light was bright and intense and all shadows disappeared.

Bar’Zag turned to face the two mages “Lower the light” he hissed and his wishes were complied with as the orbs dimmed dramatically. He looked the magicians in the eyes and both gave an almost imperceptible nod, Bar’Zag turned on his heal and headed deeper in the mountain, following the path that wormed its way deeper underground.

The further that they moved into the passageway the stench became greater; Bar’Zag held a cloth of scents over his nose whilst he assumed that the mages had cast yet another spell as they seemed completely oblivious to the increasing smell of Sulphur that invaded their space.

Bar’Zag held up a fist to indicate that they stop and he turned to the two figures with him.

We are very close now, you need to extinguish the lights” he said indicating the orbs with a movement of his eyes. “Once we are around this next bend you will be on an observation platform and you can choose which one you want

I hope they are of the quality you mention” one of the mages stated, a hint of menace in his voice

I assure you that they are of the highest quality, I have spent the last three years herding these creatures to this place, and you kind sirs are not my first customers

A flicker of a smile appeared at the corner of the mages mouth, “proceed” he said and Bar’Zag turned the corner, he moved some foliage out of the way with his right arm, a large smile showing yellowed teeth appeared as he almost bowed as he announced “here are four of the very best Dragons that I have, how many will you require?

The mages looked at the giant creatures chained to various points in the large cavern, smoke curling from their nostrils, after a few minutes the two magicians glanced at each other and smiled, turning to Bar’Zag the taller one simply said “we’ll take them all



4 thoughts on “DRAGON HERDER

    1. Hi Stephanie. I must admit I made this up on the fly and only decided about halfway through that the mages would be bad. As for the Dragons saying something against it, I always considered fire breathing dragons to be bad, but making them good would be another twist I guess 🙂 glad you liked it.

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