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Looking at the title you would think that this would be quite a fast paced track, racy even. Then after hitting play you will soon realise that the track itself is absolutely nothing like its name, I love that about it. For me this is the best track on the album.

It all started out years ago at a friend’s house and he had this album, I didn’t even really appreciate the track back then but I thought the album was OK. Fast forward a few years and I saw it for sale and bought it; Boogie Woogie stood out for me then as I was (and still am) into sombre, melancholy tracks, but it doesn’t even stop there, when I look at the front cover, the old colour palette with the washed out look seems (to be at least) go with this track so well, and then looking at the two artists so young from back when this was taken and compared to now I wonder if this is a track about youth and passing years.

This is not a track for interruptions or noisy places, this is a track for contemplative times, times on your own with some headphones. This is a track to repeat at least four times before moving on. Again like Louden (check out the music category) it brings a tear to my eye (I find this gentle tune THAT powerful), it makes me think of past events, past girlfriends, it make me think of what may have been, of stuff forgotten and wishes unfulfilled. I absolutely love this track; I hope you love it too. It’s just too short in run time.

What do you think of this track? Do you get anything from it, does it stir anything within you?




    1. Glad you like it, this is one of my favourite tracks of all time and discovered by accident. I would love an album of all my favourite tracks of this nature, in fact I am getting one on a playlist, not many on there are yet but the songs here need to be the very best of their type.

      1. I know what you mean about choosing the best. I don’t know much about Bandcamp (apart from that I’ve brought a few albums from there) – is it possible to set up playlists? I know that you can on YouTube, but I wonder if all the songs you would choose are there. Another nice resource is Soundcloud – there’s a lot of stuff available and you can put playlist together there too. I like the way that you can discover new music on YouTube and Soundcloud. If you play a song, it automatically plays other similar songs next.

      2. I did make playlists on You Tube but they have a nasty habit of deleting songs and therefore screwing up my playlists. So now I use Spotify (I just got a 3 month premium for 99p), I also use soundcloud and bandcamp have an app where you can stream what you have purchased, I do that only over wi-fi though our my phone bill would be the national debt of a small nation.

        I also have a fair number of CDs and I am happy to buy an album, for example I have the Kruder & Dorfmeister album with Boogie Woogie on in and also the Celtic Cross album with Louden on it, so make my own playlists for use on my phone.

        I’ve done some other music posts under the category music (strangely enough) whilst I like commercial stuff I like a lot of not so commercial music.

      3. Sounds to me like you well know what you’re doing. 🙂
        Yeah, I noticed your music category. I have stuff organised in the same way on my own blog.
        I’m on a music revival kick at the moment and by that I don’t mean reviving old music I mean reviving my interest in new music. I’m back from BBC Radio 4 to BBC Radio 1 and it feels good.

      4. 🙂 we’ll hopefully the stuff I post up will have you finding some new bands. Ill be posting up a “showcase” every 2 months (I figured as I only post once a week then 1 a month is too much).

        If you like funky and yet quite soulfull (in my opinion anyway) you could do worse than listen to an Album called Zaba by Glass Animals, English band too, I cannot think of a track I don’t like on that album.

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