you are like the ocean
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I am the only person on an otherwise deserted cruise ship looking out upon the Ocean as I drifted at the mercy of El Nino. At least that is what I thought when I allowed my imagination to run away with me, the truth was that this deck of the ship seemed to be rarely used; in the week I had been aboard I had seen only one other person here and that was a ship steward rushing to get from one location to another, giving me a quick “Morning sir” as he rushed past.

I had quickly grown to like this place, an Oasis of isolation in a quagmire of hustle and bustle that comes with having around 2000 people crammed into a relatively small space. Here I could look out upon the Ocean and daydream. Today I was looking out over the starboard side, there was no real rhyme or reason to which direction I looked, sometimes starboard, sometime port, although never towards the back, I always found the churned wake of the ship to be distracting to take away from the isolated feel.

Storm clouds threatened in the distance, I could see as we moved forward that we would be entering a storm of some kind, the clouds were fat and heavy, burdened by their bulging bellies of rain and even though the surface of the water was calm I knew that could possibly change in the space of minutes as winds could whip the liquid up to a frothing mass of destruction.

Even now I could feel it in the air, that electric charge before a storm; small needles of rain soaked the deck a short distance from my shelter under the promenade. wrapping my coat around me I poured some hot coffee from my flask into the mug that I had brought along with me, I cradled it in my hands leeching the heat off of it into my skin as I felt the boat rise and fall… it was here, the storm had arrived.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.



8 thoughts on “YOU ARE LIKE THE OCEAN

  1. Great! This pulls you in straight away and is nicely evocative. Maybe you should set some specific writing goals and try to write every day. Perhaps aim to complete some short stories (which is my next goal. I have about three or maybe four that are more or less complete)

    1. I have a number of posts already that I have lined up, some were written some time ago but I review them before repost, but it is something that I want to do, even if they are very short. My issue (in my head at least) is dialogue, I dont think it is good or convincing which is why people dotn saying anything/much in my “stories”

      Thanks for the kind words on this one.

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