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I love snow, and I hate snow.

Going to and from work in snow sucks, but sometimes we do not have a choice, we must at least try to get in. I am lucky in that there is an option to work from home in this kind of weather but I will have needed to make the effort to get in first. But it is a mare, especially in the UK where the wrong type of snow will leave the trains, planes and automobiles firmly stuck somewhere. But even there, when stuck at work wondering how you are going to get home there is the sense of adventure, that they journey back is more of a quest and even though it may take 3 hours or more and complain, deep down there is something extremely satisfying about having actually done it.

But those scenarios aside as looking out onto freshly fallen snow is fantastic, especially at night. And no matter how old you are there is a temptation to don a coat and go outside into the chill night air and throw a few snowballs or even mess up that perfect white blanket that may be covering the ground.

These days though when it is snowing I will put on several layers of clothing, make myself a cup of tea and go stand out on one of my balconies, viewing the flakes fall softly to the ground, Or if there is a little wind the snow darts about in front of your eyes and little snow devils get whipped up by the wind.

There is an eerie silence that seems to surround me on these snow driven nights, a muffled softness that seems absolute, and the temperature actually doesn’t seem that cold, it is not warm by any stretch of the imagination but just not cold. I think that the cloud cover keeps in some of the warmth. But it is the silence that always strikes me about these moments.

Of course even if not going to work, if you have to step out to go get milk and bread for example, I hate it, it is an assault course, dangerous, hard ice, thick sludge, yuk (at least in the UK, I remember when I went to Finland everything seemed OK the pavements were salted or clear, there was no drama, they know how to deal with snow those people.

I remember another time, large, fat flakes of snow falling slowly, walking with her, hand in hand, pigeon steps because we didn’t want to fall over, top of our heads and shoulders covered in flakes, silence surround us, we stopped, I pull her close to me and kiss her, my fingers caressing the warm skin of her lower back whilst all around us it snowed… awesome.



12 thoughts on “WHEN IT SNOWS

  1. You are so blessed to have witness the first pieces of snowflakes reach the ground. We in the tropical countries tend to go abroad just to be able to witness such magic. Sadly though, I’ve never been to a country in Winter. So I’ve never experienced this, but your post made me feel like I was in it already. 🙂

    1. Glad for it to have given you that feeling. Perhaps you will witness it one day, gently falling snow (rather than a blizzard). If you do make sure you go outside and stand in it, look up at the sky and it will make your eyelids flutter as you get snowflakes in your eyelashes.

  2. Great post. It can be beautiful here in Denmark in the snow and yeah the Scandinavians do seem to have the winter a bit more sussed than us Brits.

    Lovely picture BTW.

    1. I do have a habit of finding nice pictures, I just need to emulate that into the pictures I take too.

      A number of years ago I won a competition and went to Finland for 2 nights, we stayed in a log cabin in the woods, there was a sauna in there and when you opened the window to the sauna you looked out upon thousands of mile of trees and apparently Russia was in the distance. It was awesome, the snow thick and brilliant white. I have the pictures somewhere I may throw up a few (although they are bad quality). It was a great 2 days though.

      1. Wow that sounds amazing, I’ve never been to Finland, maybe one day. I also hope to visit Norway and Iceland in the not to distant future, some of the scenery is spectacular.

      2. They do look beautiful. Sadly I seem to have developed an aversion [over the last few years] to flying so unless I can go someone by train I will probably miss out.

      3. Fear of flying is so common, I know a few people who struggle with it. When I fly to Spain twice a year to visit my family, I notice everybody around me on the plane is drinking.. I suspect without alcohol half of ’em couldn’t do it.

      4. Hehe, I just tend to not get on the plane rather than drink in order to get on the plane. I am lucky in that I don’t “have to” fly anywhere.

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