I am most definitely a Pluviophile. On those rare occasions when we get “proper” rain, ie a full on downpour I go stand outside on one of our balconies and just watch it pour down. I love the sound of it, the noise of rain hitting the floor is so soothing and there is that point when you actually hear it become more intense; it makes you a little bit excited inside.

The noise of running water down the guttering and running into drains is music to my ears. If we are lucky it will be accompanied by a full on thunderstorm just to get that pulse racing a little bit more. I am not so keen on that stupid fine, mist like rain but I won’t spoil my vision with that.

Do you like downpours? If so what is it you like about them? If not, why not?



16 thoughts on “PLUVIOPHILE

  1. For me, it’s not just the rain. It’s the build up.. the electricity in the air.. the sense of expectancy, the heaviness, until that moment you see that first flicker in the clouds, and breath stands still, wondering if there will be thunder.

    Then, as the percussion of those booms starts to kick in, and the clouds move closer, seeing the daylight fleeing before the ominousity! until finally you get those first faint drops.. ice cold.. intermittent, but enough to arrest you – face to the sky, as you drink it all in.

    We too are in the throes of a drought. We’ve missed our last two set seasons, and with another dry summer looming, the thought of rain, storms.. thunder. .. lightning.. Well, they’re words that evoke serious emotions.

    Nothing is more wonderful, to me.. than having a huge storm raging outside.. having every curtain wide open, and cuddling up with soft pillows, a hand made throw rug.. and a birds eye view of the heavens going nuts in their haste to prove that rain dominates everything, in a dry country..

    I pray for a wet season.. this year..

    1. That was fantastically written, I too love the build up, and recognise all the things you mention there. We have rain but rarely (whre I live anyway) a good, proper storm.

    1. Has that drought in California being going on years or is this a new one? I read about a drought there but I thought it was a long time ago when Arnold was Governor.

  2. I am the exact same, I love the rain! Its a bona fide excuse to get really cosy indoors and maybe put a film on/read a good book, with a hot chocolate…heaven! I think part of it comes from living in England, we don’t really get extreme weather, do we? So when there is torrential rain or even better a thunderstorm, I really am in heaven! If it were up to me there’d be a thunderstorm every night when I’m in bed and every Sunday haha, it really does make me feel 10x cosier and I find the sound really comforting. Although I always spare a thought for the people who don’t have a roof over their head when we have that weather, can you imagine?

    1. Indeed, we don’t seem to have extremes that much. We have a bit of everything in moderation it seems so we have to relish those thunderstorms when they happen.

      I remember one recently, my son and I were sitting out on one of our balconies, it was gone midnight as we had a couple beers, it was chucking it down and we sat there just listening to it, I loved it. It was a thunderstorm too so hard cracks of thunder followed by that long bassy rumble. Superb.

      1. That sounds like perfection, a balcony is ideal for sitting and watching the rain. I’ve always wanted a bay window for that, I think I’d just sit there all day every day…a bit like a dog haha! Also, it won’t let me reply to your last comment on the Community pool (there’s a limit on wordpress to how many times you can reply on one thread) so to answer you here: I love shooting at all times of day, but catching a sunrise/sunset is wonderful. My favourite is either pre-dawn/dawn (which is much easier to come by as we get into winter) or dusk, just after the sunset. But it can be a risk to shoot in low light on film, and more often than not I find myself out in the morning as that’s my favourite time to go for a walk, so that’s when I often end up shooting out of convenience. Good luck with your photography endeavours! And please feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions/need advice or feedback (though I am far from being an expert).

      2. I never realised there was a limit on those replies.

        When I am out in the morning it is generally going to work so cannot really carry around an SLR with me, and weekend I am not keen to get up at the crack of dawn so I guess it is going to be difficult to get those times. However I do have my mobile which has a lot of manual settings, although by the time ive mucked around with all those settings sometimes it is easier just to use auto.

        Ive resurrected my Instagram account and just play with the settings in there, I am quite pleased with the results.

        As for questions Id probably have many lol, and speaking to a non-expert is probably better as you would answer in terms id understand rather than jargon, although looking at your pics I would say you’re getting near expert level

      3. To be honest you can shoot any time of day! On your lunch break maybe, or late afternoon at the weekend. Or after work in the early evening, whatever works for you, those other times are just my preferences, not the best times to shoot. And don’t think that all my photos are from organised ‘shoots’, often I’ll just see something pretty and grab one shot, maybe on the train on my way somewhere or whilst I sit outside a cafe. What is the name of your insta account? VSCO is a nice app to use to edit the exposure etc of your photos, I often use it on the ones I take on my phone before they go on instagram.
        Well as I said you’re welcome to ask me anytime! Haha my head is getting bigger by the minute with your comments, thank you.

  3. I absolutely love rain. I discovered this word several years ago and I still consider myself a pluviophile. Fantastic word indeed.
    One thing I like about downpours is that it makes me feel like time has froze. Where in this moment, as the rain falls, everything is still. It brings my soul at peace.
    Great post 🙂

    1. Thanks John. It is a great word isn’t it, I wonder who makes them up though. Downpours are strangely peaceful, they allow you to just observe and take in the sights and smells of nature, Little beats this feeling.

  4. Torrential Summer downpours and thunderstorms are fine by me, but endless grey days of drizzle get me down. I always think back to childhood holidays on the south coast, three bored kids waiting for the rain to stop. It seemed like it always rained whenever we went anywhere near the seaside.

    1. When I used to go away with my mum and dad the weather always seemed to be good, I hated rainy days back then, but now, raining or grey I like them, as long as I have decent clothing to keep me warm and dry and am good with it.

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