We have a man on the inside” 2nd Lieutenant Jones spoke into his mouthpiece, referencing that one of the troops under his command had found a way into the bunker and was currently making his way through the interior to run a bypass on the large, heavy door that blocked their progress. The fact that communication had been lost as soon as the soldier had entered did not concern him; the construction was obviously the cause of the comms breakdown.

Jones walked to the small clearing that was just to the side of the entranceway and sat down. Two of his men were patrolling just inside the tree line, he couldn’t see them but he knew that they were there, alert to any danger that may present itself. The other 6 troops sat in the clearing with him, silently cleaning weapons, or eating rations; Jones looked around.

The tree line was dense but ragged, this area of what had once been the United States of America had been reclaimed by nature for perhaps the last hundred years and it had taken them 2 days from the insertion point to reach the bunker. He was unsure why it had been decided to come here now, the location had been known for a very long time, certainly way before the war. He wondered what could be so important here that would warrant 8 elite troops to be sent out to investigate.

His orders had been specific, gain entry to the bunker, search a specific room, take any paperwork that was found and come back to base; two and a half days into the mission and he had yet to fulfil even the first part of his orders but that was about to change as the large, moss and rust covered doorway began to roll noisily to one side revealing a smiling trooper.

Jones switched to the team channel and commanded that everyone come to him which they did and he briefed the troops on what they were about to do.

Paperwork? We have come all this way for paperwork” one of the soldiers said.

Yes, paperwork, but it must be important to get us all the way out here.

There will be nothing left, it’ll all be dust, this place must have been dormant for over 100 years.” another offered.
I agree, but at the same time the atmosphere inside there” Jones nodded towards the dark cavern that had opened up “has not changed all that much and we have been given those containers to protect anything we find. But we need to stay together and sweep this place, I am sure there is nothing alive in here but I don’t like it.

The men stood and slowly, as one, entered the large bunker. It had been deserted for many years, certainly longer than the oldest one in the squad, the once clean white walls were streaked with dirt and grime, some hardy plants had taken root in the small cracks that had appeared in the concrete and litter, dirt and military detritus lay strewn on the floor.

They used torches rather than night vision goggles and they quickly made their way down the gently sloping tunnel to a stairwell which they entered one at a time, the stairwell was in the same condition as the tunnel behind them but seemingly even darker.

They followed the map that they had been given and within 15 minutes had reached a doorway with a number 7 on it, they opened the door and entered a large office; filing cabinets lined one wall. Jones directed 6 troopers to stay outside and secure the immediate area and the remaining 4 stayed to search the cabinets. The search was slow, each of the 3 troopers searching would bring a pile of paperwork to Jones, he would flick through it by torchlight and select files to go into the containers. He soon realised that there was a lot more paper work here than they could carry in one mission so decided that they would take what they have, go back to the entrance and radio that in and await further orders.

As he looked down at the last piece of paperwork to go into the container he saw a map, the map was of Northern America and there were 3 large red arrows that led from the USA into what was Canada. He could feel a cold sweat break out on the back of his neck. He read further down. The form was called “War Plan Red” and underneath the words “War with Britain and Invasion of Canada”.

He couldn’t believe what he was reading, had their allies through all those wars actually betrayed them, was it their entire fault? He quickly closed the boxes and called for the men to collect them and they made their way back up the entrance. He was angry; someone needed to answer for this.

Back at the entrance Jones called into his command about the sheer amount of paperwork in the bunker, he left out the part about war Plan Red and they advised that they would get back to him shortly then signed off. He spoke to the men and gave his orders about setting up a perimeter but stopped short as he heard a noise, a man made noise. Some of the others had heard it too and had scattered finding what cover they could, their training kicking in before any command could be given..

In the tree line were troops, a lot of troops, faces blackened, their uniforms dark and rugged, blending into their surroundings perfectly. The only recognisable elements was the black dagger inside a red patch that looked a little like the spades in a deck of cards, the words above the badge were illegible to him, but he knew that they would say airborne.

One the the men from the tree lines stepped forward, his weapon levelled directly at Jones and in a heavy American accent said “Well what do we have here then?


Did you know that America had drawn up Invasion plans for a war against the UK which included an invasion of Canada? No nor me, but you can find out some information on “War Plan Red” over on Wikipedia.

With regards the reference to the American Delta Force at the end, it is worth noting that in real operations Delta Force soldiers would probably not be wearing a uniform and certainly not one with their patch on it. I took this from a source of information…

The Pentagon tightly controls information about Delta Force and refuses to comment publicly on the highly secretive unit and its activities. Delta operators are granted an enormous amount of flexibility and autonomy. To conceal their identities, they rarely wear a uniform and usually wear civilian clothing both on and off duty.[21] When military uniforms are worn, they lack markings, surnames, or branch names.[21] Civilian hair styles and facial hair are allowed to enable the members to blend in and avoid recognition as military personnel

This will be part of a series of shorts that will use Wikipedia articles as inspiration, I figured that not only will people get to read my fantastic, award winning stories (barf) but also be able to read an article on Wikipedia that they may potentially find interesting.



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