Do you like walking in/through the woods? if so any particular time of year being your favourite, Mine is Spring and Summer.



12 thoughts on “WALDEINSAMKEIT

  1. I love it and since we moved to a flat out in the suburbs of Copenhagen two years ago, we have some beautiful woods just ten minutes away. Definitely prefer Spring / Summer, but have had some magical walks in the Winter too.

    1. They are all good times, the fresh cold air of Winter can be superb when walking as can the noises, smells and heat of Spring/Summer. I remember years ago I used to go visit someone in a place South East of Brussels and wherever we walked it seems to feel different, special almost as it was in a country that was not my own. Do you get that kind of feeling or have you been in Denmark enough time to make it feel like (proper) home? (I read your blog about page and see that you are originally from the UK and am I

      1. I’m a city person (London) so living out in the suburbs close to farms, forests and lakes is quite a new experience. I’m learning to enjoy all the seasons, despite being a summer person at heart.

        I love taking pictures and instagramming, there is so much variety here between the city and the countryside you can’t help but feel inspired. It is slowly beginning to feel like home, but I guess it can take a while, especially for introverts like me…

      2. I am from London too (well suburbs in the South East) so I get to enjoy both countryside and town side of things.

        I suppose if you are introverted then the nice quiet countryside can be a haven?

      3. Small world! I hope you’re finding a nice balance of town / country too.

        There are certainly times when I miss the buzz of the city, but then it’s only a bus or train ride away and we can live more cheaply and peacefully out in the ‘sticks’ without the downsides of city life.

      4. Do you use instagram or flickr? I always enjoy seeing what people share, especially good nature or city shots, or just random abstract patterns and textures.

      5. I briefly glimpsed as your instagram and it gave me a little motivations to fire it up again, I had an account I had not uploaded anything https://instagram.com/sjp1966/ – it only has 1 thing up at the moment. but it is a start (I am not that good myself on a photography angle.

        The pictures on my site are generally not mine but things I’ve found on my net travels, I just try and write some appropriate words to them.

      6. Cool, I know some creatives use images taken via a smartphone as a kind of visual diary, so it’s not always important to have amazing pictures so much as ones that fire the imagination or simply record meaningful moments

      7. I am going through the pictures on my phone now and trying to upload some. I’ve added a link to my site too. Ill see how it goes, works pays for the data connection so all good 😀

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