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Underneath the solemn winter grey sky the all black Mercedes struck a perfect harmony with its surroundings, Its large black tyres crunching on the small stones as it pulled into a small lay-by on the far side of the river to Heidelberg. Ever expanding plumes of fluffy grey smoke from its two exhaust pipes drifted lazily behind the vehicle as it sat with its engine running, the almost silent engine purring with perfection.

Had anyone had been on that side of the river they would have noticed its perfect, highly polished coachwork and its inky black windows, but they would not have approached the vehicle, even though it was a marvel to look at; it oozed an coldness, an evil that would chill most people to the bone, making them question if they had witnessed the devil himself.

“The time is close” Alucard Santi said to his young female companion, his eyes never leaving the buildings of the city just across the icy waters of the river Neckar, his eyes afire with desire, with power.

“It will anger the others” Jezebell Delgado spoke softly knowing that Alucard had no real interest in what the others would think or indeed do, he had control of the coven now and his rise to power had been rapid, she was unsure how he had acquired this power or why the elders seemed to fear him but she had seen the jostling for position that others had done and had chosen whom she felt was stronger.

“The others will come around… eventually, we need a place where we can thrive and this place” he gestured towards the buildings with a nonchalant wave of the hand “is exactly what we have been looking for, it will enable us to gather in safety and without fear.”

“The humans will react, if no one else will” Jezebell said “They will not sit idly by whilst we take over this place.”

“Bah…” Alucard snorted “And what will the humans do?, they are no match for us, our strength, our cunning, out ability to survive.”

“They will hunt us and kill us, the reason we have had to stay in the shadows for so long…” she paused realising the words she had used “pardon the wording” she added with a slight smile on her lips “Is because of the sunlight, we will not survive that no matter what.”

Alucard turned to her “oh my Jezebell” he said smiling, his hand caressing her pale white cheek with his long slender fingers “What if I told you I had solved that little problem for us once and for all.”

He turned back to look out of the window, eyes sparkling with confidence and power “once and for all” he whispered to himself.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.





2 thoughts on “VAMPIRE

  1. I think I prefer the lone vampire. It makes sense to me that multiple vampires would increase the likelihood of detection. The vampire of my books is a loner. Then again, he was recently turned.

    1. I like the idea of both to be honest. In this little story it was more about Alucard and his power, he wants absolute control and he will kill every human in that city in order to gain it as a base. But I like the idea of lone vampires too, their senses more acute as they would need to rely on themselves much more than on others in the coven. I prefer to think of lone vampires as hunters, at the top of their game rather than just hiding and trying to survive.

      Thanks for commenting

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