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To think that a long time ago everything that I could see was constructed by someone, and that in my mind’s eye there had been a loving dedication to the work. The whole area would have been bustling with people, plasterers working on the walls, using methods that were handed down by their Fathers, and their Fathers Fathers. Carpenters would have set up their tools in out of the way spaces so that they could make the beautiful wood banisters, flowing and elegant, hauled into place by hired help and then polished and varnished. Painters moving in behind the other workmen splashing daubs of colour over the dull, creamy plaster.

I wonder when that was? The building had to have been empty for at least 40 years, god knows when the last person before me stood in this spot and looked at the once elegant staircase that led to the upper levels.

Dust and debris lay strewn over the floor, paint peeled from every surface, the metal banister supports tarnished and dull, some rusting where a leak in the roof had opened them to the destructive power of water. The wood rotting either from the wet, or the very dry.

As I stood there I could see thousands of dust particles shimmer in the beam of sunlight that broke in through the surprisingly still intact window on the landing and I closed my eyes and breathed in, the faint aroma of damp and rotting wood, that musty smell that comes with old, abandoned buildings. Creaks echoed throughout the empty rooms with only me to hear them bar the healthy population of rodents and birds that had moved in after the humans had moved out.

In many ways it was a peaceful place, a place to come to get away from the busy rat race that went on outside the walls, a place to realise that things become forgotten, and when they are forgotten they rot and decay and die.

I sighed, and walked through the door behind me into a large hall, turning left I opened a large wooden door which led out onto the side street, I stepped outside and locked the door behind me, the warmth of the sun felt good on my skin, the slight breeze picked everything up and made it feel that it was alive, that breeze never reached that corridor, or indeed anywhere inside that building.

I walked to me left down to the busy main road, there I would sit at one of my favourite coffee shops and simply watch the world go by.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.

Moi…Credit: A.Majordomo | Click for a better image


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