Source: Philip Hofer

The early morning sun hung low in the sky over the quiet, narrow streets in the Gotthelf district of Basel, long shadows cut harsh abstract shapes over the ground. We stepped out onto the deserted street and mounted our bikes to take the slow, lazy ride down to our favourite cafe overlooking the Rhine.

I let her ride in front of me, I liked watching her as we went out on our cycles, her summer dress billowed as she rode and she looked so elegant on that bike, sitting tall, totally aware of her surroundings, neither rushing to get where she needed to be, nor too slow as if she had nowhere to go.

We rested the bikes up against the railing at the side of the mighty river, shouted our greetings to Hugo the owner of the cafe and went inside to order our breakfast with some good coffee. We sat in our regular chairs holding hands and talking until the wonderful aroma of the cooked breakfast that was being laid before us invaded our nostrils. My mouth was watering, I picked up the knife and fork and started tucking in to the to the beginning of our day.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.



10 thoughts on “MORNING

  1. It was like a scene in a movie. In fact, I can picture Anne Hathaway riding the bike as she did in the movie, One Day. Then, I can imagine little cafe’s with really artsy feel inside that makes you feel comfortable like a warm blanket on grandma’s porch on a chilly morning. 🙂

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