I cannot recall where I 1st heard this track, I suspect it was one of the times when I go onto YouTube and randomly click different artists to see if I can discover anything new. I bought the Hicksville and the Hicksville Remastered albums off the back of this one tune.

I am a sucker for these kinds of tracks; they seem to be so emotionally charged. This track is on a playlist I have for when I want to withdraw and be silent, just to listen to someone play an instrument and I can reflect either on nothing at all, or recent events. I find my thoughts drifting away to memories of years gone past and I would be lying if I said that this tune doesn’t bring a tear to my eye on occasion.

In the comments on the youtube link someone wrote “Yes, the aromas of autumn, quite, apples falling full ripe, plump from the tree amid a haze of wasp murmurs, red berries in the woods and hedgerows, the earthy warmth of the mushroom just now raising its dewy head to the sun about our noses. A novel blend so be sure, but very much of its elite-status terroire, Simon Posford, Youth, quite.

I love the initial description of season in this response and I can close my eyes and visualise that when I listen to this track, I get other visuals from it too; I have pictured a car journey through dusty roads in rural Spain, passing villages and vineyards. 1 or 2 other passengers in the car with me and we drive and drive until the sun begins to set and a deep orange glow fills the sky. I have pictured sadness and breakup, an emotional time where the love of your life has gone, be it moved away or left you. So many stories to tell on the back of this music.

Either way, I think it is a fantastic track and it has a 10/10 from me every time.

What do you think of this track? Do you get anything from it, does it stir anything within you?



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