Source: Silvia+Nikon

You see that door over there? Of course you do, your eye was drawn to it as soon as you opened the picture, my picture. You see I work in that building, it is really impressive inside with large chandeliers, big sweeping staircases and grand halls, I love working there, I feel at peace whenever I walk through those large doors away from the bustle of the square outside..

I remember when this was taken, it was December 2008, I had been working a long day having started work at 7am that morning, most of the day had been spent in the bowels of that impressive building; the bowels are not so impressive, long grey corridors with piping and ventilation ducts just inches above your head, it is a noisy labyrinth down there you could easily get lost, more akin to the engine room of a ship than anything else.

Well I had been down there for most of the day, repairing things, tidying things up, it had been around 10pm when I had finished, I’d changed back into my own clothes and made my way up in the elevator to the ground floor, I had said goodnight to Hans the night watchman and exited that building from the very same door I had entered many hours before.

It had taken a moment to register that it has been snowing, I stood on the cold stone steps where small snowflakes had begun to assault me, settling on me, trying to bury me, my cheeks quickly began to burn with that deep cold that sub temperatures can cause but it was a beautiful sight. The Christmas tree had been put up a few days before and it had looked out of place, until today of course, today it looked like it belonged.

I pulled my coat tighter around me and set off across the square; looking back the building that I had just left was lit up just like the Christmas tree in the foreground so I took this snap of it, a treasured memory of a time gone past.

Do you get anything from this picture? Is it just a bit meh for you or do you find something rich and interesting in it? Please share your thoughts either way.



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